Technology that sets
new standards

Our proprietary articulating instrument technology challenges conventional methods and sets the new standard for robotic and non-robotic endoscopic therapeutic intervention and minimally invasive surgery.

Product technology

We have created a fully laser cut product architecture. Multiple layers of laser cut tube are nested and welded together. 

We transform low cost metal tubes into (flexible) articulating shafts with hundreds of moving parts and complex functionality in the assembled state.

We build instruments that seemingly defy the laws of physics. 

Because we do not employ conventional parts machining and assembly, we’re able to realize exceptional performance at cost levels otherwise not achievable. 

Our technology is secured through an extensive IP portfolio to safeguard exclusivity. 

Manufacturing technology

We have in-house manufacturing of the differentiating technologies, including laser cutting, cleaning and (clean room) assembly. 

Innovation across therapeutic areas

Our proprietary articulating instrument technology has application in endoscopic therapeutic interventions and minimally invasive surgery. Moreover, it enables early-stage surgical intervention endoscopically (endoluminal surgery). 

We create things that matter

At Fortimedix Surgical we create disruptive instrument technology to transform medical interventions. We combine high-tech device development expertise and best in class manufacturing know-how.