Innovation across
therapeutic areas

Our proprietary articulating instrument technology has application in endoscopic therapeutic interventions and minimally invasive surgery. Moreover, it enables early-stage surgical intervention endoscopically (endoluminal surgery). 

Endoluminal surgery

Our proprietary articulating instrument technology challenges today’s technical limitations in endoluminal surgery, a new therapeutic area in flexible endoscopy that could revolutionize surgical approaches to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Edoluminal surgery

Upper & lower GI endoscopic surgery

Endoscopic interventions

We also target unmet needs for endoscopic therapeutic intervention in various other application areas, including bronchoscopy, urology, and cardiovascular.

Edoluminal surgery


Edoluminal surgery


Edoluminal surgery


Minimal invasive surgery

Similarly, we address specific instrument requirements in minimally invasive surgery across surgical specialties, including general surgery, otolaryngology, gynecology and colorectal surgery.

Edoluminal surgery

General surgery

Edoluminal surgery

Head & neck surgery

Edoluminal surgery


Edoluminal surgery

Colorectal surgery

Our instrument technology is utilized in handheld (non-robotic) and robotic applications.


Robotic applications include multi-port and single-port soft tissue robotics, flexible robotics, and robotic endoscopic surgery.

Technology that sets new standards

Our proprietary articulating instrument technology is based on a fully laser cut product architecture. Leveraging this, we realize complex functionality and exceptional performance at cost levels not otherwise achievable.

We create things that matter

At Fortimedix Surgical we create disruptive instrument technology to transform medical interventions. We combine high-tech device development expertise and best in class manufacturing know-how.