symphonX™ value proposition

Our groundbreaking surgical approach improves health economics in today’s cost-conscious healthcare environment.


symphonX™ allows for the delivery of better patient care and outcomes, including reduced readmission rates and hospital acquired conditions. symphonX™ thereby offers the potential for reduced costs and increased revenues.


symphonX™ equips surgeons to provide better care and improved patient satisfaction. symphonX™ emulates conventional laparoscopy with a short learning curve, making it an easy to use, comfortable, and secure single-port approach.


symphonX™ offers the potential for improved patient satisfaction and health outcomes, including fewer port-site complications, less post-operative pain, faster recovery and exceptional cosmesis.

Payers & Employers

symphonX™ potentially lowers hospital readmission rates to treat port-site complications, resulting in less post-operative care and reduced costs. A single incision reduces use of analgesics and accelerates recovery, leading to a faster return to the workplace.

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