symphonX™ Surgical Platform

symphonX™: The world’s lowest profile single-port surgery solution

symphonX™ is the world’s first single-port surgery solution compatible with a standard 15mm laparoscopic trocar. Emulating conventional, multi-port laparoscopy makes symphonX™ easy to use and enables surgeons to perform procedural steps ergonomically, allowing a comfortable and secure single-port approach. symphonX™ is poised to deliver on the promise of single-port surgery, including fewer port-site complications, less post-operative pain, faster recovery and exceptional cosmesis, elevating the standard of care in laparoscopy.

Features of symphonX™

symphonX™ is small, simple and secure. It has many unique features realized through groundbreaking technological innovation. This surgical platform enables surgeons to achieve excellent triangulation for optimal surgical manipulation, retraction and exposure during a single-port approach.



symphonX™, the world’s lowest profile solution, is inserted through a single, standard 15mm laparoscopic trocar, the same as used in conventional multi-port laparoscopic surgery today.

  • Fewer port-site complications
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Superior cosmesis
  • Faster recovery


Easier to use than other single-port alternatives, symphonX™ allows surgeons to perform single-port surgery by leveraging existing laparoscopic skill sets. A triangulated single-port approach is achieved comfortably without crossing hands. Independent left-right instrument control can be achieved without collision or inversion.

  • Short learning curve
  • Independent left-right control
  • Comfortable single-port approach
  • Leveraging existing skill sets


Emulating conventional laparoscopy, symphonX™ enables surgeons to ergonomically perform procedural steps via a comfortable, single-port approach. symphonX™ is compatible with standard laparoscopic trocars, offering a low threshold for adding ports or converting to conventional laparoscopy, if needed.

  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Comfortable procedural approach
  • Standard trocar compatible

Fortimedix Surgical products are protected by a growing patent portfolio in Europe, the USA and elsewhere.

symphonX™is cleared for sale in the United States and Europe.

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