Flexible endoscopic suturing

Therapeutic endoscopy such as endoscopic tumor resections in the GI tract may be facilitated by more advanced instruments for suturing. In close collaboration with a team of exceptional surgeons at UC San Diego, we are developing a new EndoSuture instrument system for flexible endoscopic suturing in the GI tract. Our aim is to close leaks and bleeds in the upper GI tract and distal colon to improve healing and accelerate recovery. The first porcine model test series in the distal esophagus showed that our novel EndoSuture flexible articulating instruments, used in combination with a standard flexible endoscope, are feasible to perform dependable intraluminal suturing. The training period and learning curve is short. The objective is to apply this system clinically in the near future for closure of perforations and fistulas. Dr. K-H Fuchs presented the EndoSuture body of research at the 27th European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) Meeting in Sevilla, Spain (June 12-15, 2019).

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