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Fortimedix advances a differentiated symphonX™ ENT product line

Following exploratory surgery with the symphonX™ Surgical Platform in March 2018, Dr. Joseph Califano, Professor of Surgery and Vice Chief of Otolaryngology / Head & Neck, and his colleagues Dr. Philip Weissbrod and Dr. Ryan Orosco at UC San Diego Health, successfully completed initial pre-clinical testing of a new dedicated product line for laryngopharyngeal surgery.
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First TaCR Clinical Experience With symphonX™ Based Platform

In 2018, Dr. Karl-Hermann Fuchs, Chief of Surgery at the Agaplesion Markus Hospital, Frankfurt am Main successfully completed a series of hybrid transanal colon resection (TaCR) cases with an increasing number of procedural steps performed transanally with the symphonX™ based platform.
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Successful Pre-clinical ENT Study Performed at UC San Diego CFS

In March, Dr. Joseph Califano, Professor of Surgery and Vice Chief of Otolaryngology / Head & Neck at UC San Diego Health, performed exploratory surgery of the oropharynx in a cadaveric model with the symphonX™ Surgical Platform.
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Note: FMX314 is the engineering code name for symphonX™ used during the pre-commercial phase.

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