Our strategy

Product leadership

We build a culture that continuously brings superior products & technologies to the market by acknowledging that excellence in creativity, problem solving and teamwork is critical to success.

Smart innovation

We generate enabling and differentiating technological solutions that address unmet needs in human healthcare by working smart and fast in close collaboration with our colleagues, partners and suppliers.

Operational excellence

We secure scalable and flexible product availability, quality and consistency by building on state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and engaging in collaborative partnerships with strategic suppliers.

Our engineers successfully apply the principles and practices of operational excellence through the Lean Six Sigma methodology that enables world-class manufacturing (WCM) and continuous process improvement (CPI) to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and performance ratings.

Highest quality standards

We do not just comply with regulations, we live up to the highest quality requirements of our own and strive for unsurpassed quality, consistency and responsiveness.

Excellence in creativity, problem solving and teamwork

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